About Us

Commercial Merchants

Every product we create and release into the wild, are submitted to various quality tests. Every product must be approved by the client and our testing team.

 We Take a Great Amount of Pride in What We Do

We offer state of the art, dedicated servers to all our clients. Our technical staff works tirelessly to keep our data available, secure, and in good condition.

Our History

Commercial Merchants has been involved in the software development industry for more that 15 years.
We specialize in custom made software solutions that are specifically created for each of our clients.
We are constantly researching the latest technological trends, to advice and equip our clients with the latest technology available.

At Commercial Merchants we offer all our clients the full IT solution. Project planning, development, testing, hosting, maintenance, and aftercare.

To provide managed information, communications and data security services both on-premise and in the Cloud, using our significant experience in assisting businesses and individuals,  consistently offering outstanding customer service and value.